NAME: “Bugoy”

AGE: 12 years old

BIRTHDAY: Aug. 13, 1999

MOTHER: Linda Abilio (dead)

FATHER: Ador Abilio  (alive)

ADDRESS: Basio, Anibong

RELIGION: Catholic

DREAMS IN  LIFE: To become a teacher, since he only finished his study in grade III, he don’ want the other kids to be just like him that’s why he wants to teach them how to read and write without paying him. He wants to share his services to other people, FREE, especially to those children with parents who don’t have enough money to send them in school to study.

According to the information we have gathered, his mother died 2 years ago. He didn’t know about this since no one told him. The time he knew it was when his friend told him. When it was already his mother’s grave, he didn’t cry nor showed any feelings. He just stared on her grave as if nothing happened.  From that day on, he stopped studying in Kapangian Central School as a Grade 3 pupil. According to him, during recess  he bought his snacks with only five pesos, sometimes three pesos and sometimes, nothing.

After the death of his mother, his father abandoned  them and made a new family. He actually has  5   siblings and he is the oldest among them. His brothers and sisters are now living with their father except him.

We have found out that he is sleeping in the street. We asked him “Kay- ano diri kana nauli nga may balay man kamo?” (in english, “why are you not going home although you  have a home to return to?”) but he didn’t answered, he just stayed quietly.

So we asked him again, “Paano ka man nabubuhi, hain ka man nakuha tim igkaraun?” (in english, how can you survived? where do you get your food?)

He answered, “Namamaligya aku hin puthaw, pero danay, waray nak nakakaon.” (in english, I collects iron and I sell it but there comes a time that I don’t have nothing to eat.”  )

While we were interviewing him, we  ordered one chicken and rice with coke and we gave it to him. After he eat we asked him if he wants to order another one but he was already  satisfied. We also asked him if he can read and write.

Yes, he can write his name, he can also write numbers and the alphabets but he can’t read.

It was also his first time to go in the McDonald that’s why his very happy.

If you only saw how happy he was, I’m sure you can also feel happiness at the

bottom of your bottom.


NAME: “Idoy”

AGE: 12 years old


ADDRESS: Not permanent place

MOTHER: Aurora (CD vendor)

PLACE: Mindanao

FATHER: Bunkini  (CD vendor)




His story began when he was still six years old. He is not actually a citizen of Tacloban instead he is a Cebuwanon. The reason he’s here was because, he was left by the bus (inside it was his parents) going back to Cebu.

We are just wondering, was it just an accident or they did it in purpose?

Were his parents searching for him? Were they aware that their son is here in Tacloban?

They say, nothing happened as an accident, it happened because God has a reason.

When he was left alone in the city, he was adopted by an old man.  And that old man became his  second father. They don’t have a permanent place that’s why he always roaming around the city looking for plastics and irons to sell in order for them to survive. If he don’t have any plastics to sell in order to earn money, he sometimes went to the market. There, he ask for food from the vendors. This kid is really nice because he don’t want to steal things from people since it is a sin.

He only finished his study in kindergarten because of financial crisis and because of that he only knew how to write his name,  numbers and the alphabets.

He actually has seven siblings. Five of them already past away and the other two were in the Mindanao, together with their mother.

It was also his very first time to eat in a restaurant like McDonald. He was really happy. We gave him rice, chicken, coke and sundae.

He was really grateful, and he even know how to pray….

After he taste the sundae that we gave to him, he kept it because he wanted to gave it to his father.

Then he thanked us from the bottom of his heart.


After having a conversation with the street children and knowing the kind of life they have, I just realize that life is really unfair for all of us.

There are people who are bathing in money. They can buy all the things they want in this world. Even if this thing is not for sale, they can still buy it because they have lots of money as if they were not yet contented for what they have.

They didn’t know that there are some people who are suffering. While they are having the time of their life, others are working so hard, day and night without leisure just to earn money in order to buy food and other important materials.

I just don’t understand why God made this kind of a situation. Is it a challenge for all of us or just a punishment?

Still, we have to thank God for giving us this opportunity to live in this world even if there’s a discrimination. There’s something in this practical test got a hold on me. I think it was the idea that no matter how far away somebody can be from God, no matter how hardened somebody’s heart has become and how hopeless the situation, God can reach anybody because His love is always bigger.

And because of that, I learned more how to treasure all the things that I have and to be contented on who and what I am.

REFLECTION by: Christine Joyce


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