All of us know that Albert Einstein is a super genius scientist who’s famous with his best known theory E = mcand Relativity theory, but some people don’t know that he was also well- known  with his famous quotes. His words often quoted as an inspiration, motivation, quotations, and some are  funny quotes. Albert Einstein is a symbol of genius and intelligence in our modern worlds. His picture that sticking out his tongue is still popular around the world. Same with his word and picture, it’s many times put in t-shirt, mug, stickers, posters, and many more.               

  And that is the reason why the blogger created this blog which focuses on life’s best quotes. She was really inspired when Einstein said that “IMAGINATION IS MORE POWERFUL THAN KNOWLEDGE.” At first, the blogger thought that it was impossible. According to her, knowledge is way more powerful than imagination because through knowledge, WE can do everything. She really don’t get what he meant and she was extremely confused, but suddenly, there’s something weird happened to her and that very moment, she realized the deep meaning of those words.       

 But before this blog was completely finished, the blogger faced some difficulties on making it. After a lot of hardships, she finally able to improve this site.                 

 The blogger is not trying to own this blog since some informations are just taken from other references online but she was very thankful to all persons who help her and became her inspirations.


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