Christine Joyce P. Trapela is a fourteen- year- old high school student studying in Eastern Visayas State University. She was born on May 29 year 1996 in Burauen, Leyte. Her parents are both teachers in elementary and she also has two younger brothers who are sometimes both annoying, but  she still loves her family so much more than anything in this world.                   

You can describe her as a simple person judging on her outer appearance but she has a tough spirit within her which allows her to pass all the challenges that she came upon across.  She also has a very strong will and she’s very faithful to God. She’s determined when it comes to study. Even if she sometimes find difficulties regarding on their lessons at school, she gives everything she’d got in order to understand all their discussions.               

 She loves cute and beautiful stuffs too, that’s why there’s some instances that she is very extravagant. Her favorite hobbies are watching TV, playing with the computer, listening to music, reading books, especially legends and mythologies. She’s not really fan of singing and dancing because she had a bad experience about that. But above all, she really loves  making comics since the talent that God has given to her is drawing.               

  Her greatest dream in life is to finish first her study and find a stable job so that someday, she will be the one to sustain all the needs that her brothers need in their study. And her greatest inspirations in life, are her loved ones.   




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