The overall feeling that the book gave me was excitement because every time I read an interesting part of the story, I just couldn’t wait to turn the page to the next one. I was really excited about the next thing that would happen to the main character. I want to learn more about the six signs and where they were hidden and how the Seeker would find it. I also want to know what other challenges the protagonist might encounter while he was continuing his journey. I am also becoming curious about the Rider’s true identity and his appearance since it is revealed that he’s always wearing a thick cloaked and a mask.

The larger idea that this book gave me is about trusting all the people around you and never doubting them just because they look suspicious. For example, when the Old Ones suspected an old man as The Rider in disguised, Will saved the man by telling the Old Ones that that poor guy is nothing but just an ordinary human. Because of this, I learned that in finding a friend, it is not important the way that person looks, it’s about the way he feels. I also learned not to oppose someone just because you have different thoughts, especially if he’s older. For instance, when Will and Merriman, first of the Old Ones, argued because Will won’t believe him for being one of them and because of this, he was attacked by The Rider. Through this, I won’t oppose parents and my elders for we have different opinions because I know that they know what’s best for us.

About the vocabulary, sentence length, organization and sound of the words used by the author, I feel I really have to read the dictionary oftentimes in order to avoid difficulties in understanding some words that are not familiar to me. Some of the writing is difficult for me to read since it has a different pronunciation compared to some books.

Here are some quotations that are really hard to understand:

PAGE 106                                                                                           PAGE 108

“He that sees blowing the wild wood tree,                 “I have plundered the fern

And pewits circling their watery glass,                          Through all secrets I spy;

Dreams about strangers that may be                                Old Math up Mathonwy

Dark to our eyes, Ala!”                                                              Knew no more than I.”

PAGE 158-159

“When the Dark comes rising six shall turn its back;

Three from the circle, three from the track;

Wood, bronze, iron; water fire stone;

Five will return and one goes alone.

“Iron for the birthday; bronze carried long;

Wood from the burning; stone out of song;

Fire in the candle ring; water from the thaw;

Six signs the circle and the grail gone before. ”


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