The author (Susan Cooper) really achieved her purpose of bringing happiness and excitement to the readers. I would like to recommend this book to others especially to those kids who are adept readers because this book is one of the fantasies ever written, young or adult will surely enjoy it a lot. It is steeped in mystery, magic, atmosphere and a very kens smell of significance of mythology and history, there’s more to inspire in this small, haunting book than there is in most entire trilogies.

There are a lot of things that I liked about his book which includes the adventures of Will Stanton. This is actually my first time to read Susan Cooper’s book and I loved the way she based the book on Celtic and English legends and stories and I think that that gave the book a life. After I read this book, I already wanted to become an Old One or rather be a Seeker. There is also no bully to be defeated or problems at school, just the Light and Dark which are well drawn and there is a depth to each and every character which I really appreciate. And the thing that I dislike about the story is that it is often prone to long lengthy descriptions that sometimes bored me.

This book “The Dark is Rising” is similar with the book “Harry Potter” because its main conflict is also about Light and Dark, Individual vs. Individual and the main characters are both teenage boys whom they thought that they are just ordinary kids but deep inside them, they are more than that. They only differ from the way they use their magic or powers and the weapons they use. In Harry Potter, they use wands to cast spells while swords, spears and guns are used by the main characters in the book The Dark is Rising but they don’t use any enchantments or chants to defeat their enemies.

Since this book is for both young and old, there are many lessons that I learned. For instance, courage. “We don’t need to be a coward just because our enemy is bigger and stronger than us. We just have to show them what we are really made of.” I also learned not to lose hope because no matter how big is the problem, still it cannot corrode faith and shatter love.”

There are some situations in the book that are realistic like the overwhelming floods, the tremendous blizzards and the terrifying cold since this happenings sometimes occurred in some countries like Canada.

And while I was reading this book, I was wandering what would happen to everyone if Will Stanton didn’t able to find the six hidden signs and failed as the Seeker; are we all going to die or we would become slaves of the Darkness and what would be the world look like IF the Light had been defeated, are there still hope for us or just despair that waits us. 


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