Will Stanton, a typical teenage boy and the youngest male in his family, who was born in Huntercombe Village. On Midwinter’s Eve, the night before his eleventh birthday, he found his world suddenly became ominous: Animals were afraid of him, the radio gave out raucous shrieks in his presence and the weather turned unnaturally cold and wild. On his birthday, Will woke up early in the morning and found himself back in centuries and he learned that he was already an immortal. After that, he met a mystical company whose mission had always been to keep the forces of Dark at bay, which they called themselves as the Old Ones. Then he discovered that he was actually one of them and was born with special powers. Will is the seventh son of the seventh son.

He also learned from them that the time had come when the Dark returned to the world to overtake the Light. As the Sign- Seeker, Will must find the six signs- sign of wood, bronze, iron, water, fire and stone- to restore the delicate earthly balance between Light and Dark. And as the last of the Old Ones, he must also defeat The Rider, an ominous figure cloaked in black, mounted upon a midnight stallion.

After knowing his fate, Will began his journey of finding the six signs. While seeking for the signs, he also acquired wisdom and intuition against the omnipotent threat of evil. He learned how to summon human strength, pyrokinesis, telekinesis, time travel and the unique knowledge to decipher an ancient text in the Book of Gramarye.

When the power of the Dark was already at peak, the emboldened Evil intensifies its assault: The village was buried by the snow of endless blizzards, gripped by terrifying cold and finally submerged by overwhelming floods. But with all the six signs in Will’s possession, he was able to defeat The Rider. In the end, he restored the balance between Light and Dark and once again, the Light won.


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