The year would be 2061 and I was given a power to change one thing in my life. This would be the story of what happened……….

I am Christine Joyce Pedere- Trapela, weak and blind, 65- year- old woman. I live in a world which I would not consider a world at all. My husband and my three children were already thirty- five years dead because of a tragedy from an explosion of a nuclear bomb we accidentally found at the beach while we were having a vacation and because of that I was the only one who survived. There were times I tried to commit a suicide to end up my sufferings but I just don’t know why I couldn’t do that kind of horrible things to myself. Until one night, I had a dream. I was in a place with no colors, only white, and then I saw a man. I was shocked when I learned that man was actually my husband. There were tears come running from my eyes and I ran unto his arms. Then he told me that we don’t have enough time because the world has only thirty- three hours left before it explode due to the natural disasters that keeps happening and also because of the human activities that harms the environment. After that, he gave me a necklace that holds a power to change one thing in my life. Then he said his goodbye and I was left alone again. When I woke up in the morning, I felt a tremendous earthquake and I saw cracks in the streets. I also heard in the radio that there would be a typhoon coming from Pacific Ocean. I watched the television too and I was alarmed when the reporter said that volcanoes would begin to erupt in some countries, icebergs in the North and South Pole would begin to melt and break and meteors from outer space would begin to fall down in the Earth’s surface. Suddenly when I touched my chest, I felt something and then I saw the necklace. That very moment, I suddenly realized that the dream I thought was only a vision was really a reality. I hold tight unto the necklace and I wish from the bottom of my heart. “I wish I would rather live in a world where I could change the future and where all the people I love could be safe from the rage of the world than living in place full of despair and loneliness.” After I wish, I didn’t notice that I already fainted.
And then I woke up under the intense heat of the sun and I realized that I was in a beach with my…..FAMILY thirty- five years ago. After that I remembered about the nuclear bomb that we found so I warned my family to come back in the cabin. Then I called the police and they would bring it to the Science Laboratory in order for the scientists to investigate the bomb.
In the end, my wish brought me back in time where I could change the future and where I could be with my loved ones once again….


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