There are lots of historical places and beautiful spots here in Tacloban City.

Some of this places are shown below:

BALYUAN TOWER  (Amphitheater)

Balyuan Tower is one of the landmarks of Tacloban City and it is also part of its mysterious history and because of that, many tourists are attracted to it including the local residents of the city. According to some well- known people, early people in the city, use Balyuan Tower as a lighthouse so all of the residents will be warned of dangers and threats. At present, residents and officials in the city use this place to hold special gatherings or celebrations that feature attractive and interesting cultural presentations and spots events since Balyuan Tower has a state-of-the-art and well-maintained amphitheater.

Just this July 2011, different popular bands from Manila came here including the rock band of Parokya ni Edgar, Kamikaze, Sandwich, Sponch Cola, etc. to have a big concert about Tanduay held in Balyuan Tower.


Family Park is one of the popular place in the city because this is where kids and many Taclobanons go when it is already afternoon after class and during weekends, they go here to enjoy and see the beautiful view of the Kankabato bay.There is a restaurant located in the park named Lion’s den. They serve great food and nice sea ambiance.


The MacArthur Park in Red Beach Palo, Tacloban City where Douglas MacArthur landed with the American liberation forces in 1944. McArthur Park (where this monument is located) is just a few minutes drive from Tacloban, where many American and Japanese visitors come to have their pictures taken. The imposing monument used to be made of concrete but was destroyed during the Marcos regime. This was replaced by bronze statues commissioned by Imelda Marcos and renamed Imelda Park. Don’t know who the artist was. After Marcos was deposed from power, every street and parks in Leyte that were named after them were named back to their original names. Thus Imelda Park became McArthur Park again.


Historians say that Santo Nino Shrine and Heritage Museum served as one of the vacation houses of former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos. It is also said that inside the museum, people can find a well-maintained and a big, Olympic-sized swimming pool. Additionally, this tourist attraction features images of 14 Stations of the Cross, which makes it attractive to devotees and religious leaders. Above all, the place features world-class paintings and masterpieces of Philippine artist Fernando Amorsolo are found here.


Leyte Capitol is one of Tacloban’s earliest structures. These structure stand as silent witnesses to great decisions made during the liberation of the Philippines.


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